Daffodil Brown Formal Pants

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Formal Trouser
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PKR 2,520.00
  • Colour:Daffodil Brown
  • Fit:Slim Fit
  • Style:Formal wear, two side pockets and two back pockets, easy front closure, and tapered length for a better fit
  • Material:Milano Cool Wool
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Quality: Skin-friendly, comfortable, and durable


Must-Have Bottom

Daffodil Brown Formal Pants are designed to be worn instead of jeans. They are smart-casual slim-fit brown bottoms that are suitable for all seasons and may be worn in the office or at casual parties. T-shirts, casual shirts, and polo shirts go well with these versatile formal pants. The patterned and plain shirts both work well with them.

Comfy Fabric

Among the others, Brown Formal Pants stand out the most. The premium Milano Cool Wool creates a relaxed and pleasant feel. Many quality checks are performed to ensure that the product is durable and comfortable. These solid colours are worn with shirts, but also with blazers.


Posh Notch's Formal Pants are machine washable and reusable for all of your professional, personal, and social occasions. Use a gentle detergent without strong fragrances, bleach, or fabric softening enzymes. They can be readily washed in a machine, which saves time and effort when compared to hand washing.

Extraordinary Silhouette

For a superior look and feel, these enticing Formal Pants have even stitching throughout. The tapered length and silhouette are great for being fashion-forward and receiving positive feedback. These pants are a perfect addition for individuals who seek the best for their styling, with wrinkle-free quality and tidy looks.

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