Denim Jeans Dark Blue

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Denim Trouser
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PKR 1,290.00
  • Colour: Dark Blue
  • Fit: Slim Fit
  • Style: Casual wear, washed denim, smart look, and easy fit
  • Material: 100% Denim
  • Quality: Skin-friendly, comfortable, and durable

The Vogue Denim Fits With Any Outfit

Go-to Design

Denim is vital for casual dressing and a must-have item of the wardrobe. The design is made to put on any day of the week and to beat the mainstream jeans that are worn in daily routine. Denim by Posh Notch is super comfy, soft, and beautifully stitched and can be worn with casual shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, and dress shirts of your choice.

Supreme Fabric

Denim is made of the highest quality sturdy cotton fabric, one of the best in the market. Each of our denim goes through quality control checks before getting ready for sale. With crease-free properties and neat looks, they add elegance to your styling. Denim is a luxurious treat in the most comfortable casual bottoms.


Once denim becomes your favourite, you want to wear it again and again. This versatile denim allows you to easily wash and reuse it for repeated wear. Use a mild detergent that does not carry strong fragrance, bleach, and fabric softening enzymes. Reduce your efforts of using other difficult methods of washing and use a machine to wash it.

Top-notch Stitching

The subtle diagonal ribbing pattern ensures a good appearance and durability. The denim is designed, cut, and finely stitched that remain smooth throughout the jeans to give a slim and sleek appearance. You can pull down these jeans in any informal event such as a party, get together, dates, or any public meeting, etc.

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