Royal Blue Formal Pants

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Formal Trouser
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PKR 2,520.00
  • Colour:Royal Blue
  • Fit:Slim Fit
  • Style:Formal wear, two side pockets and two back pockets, easy front closure, and tapered length for a better fit
  • Material:Milano Cool Wool
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Quality: Skin-friendly, comfortable, and durable


Graceful Panache

Wear the Posh Notch Formal Pants with a flat front to slay at night as well as morning formal events. Pair them with a seamless pastel shirt in clean white, gloomy grey, or light blue to leave a lasting impression on any occasion. The finest slim fit is perfectly made so that it prevents being too tight or too loose.

Soothing Fabric

At formal events, tight clothes can make you sore for a long time. However, these bottoms are of the greatest quality and provide the most comfortable fit throughout the busiest hours. They give exquisiteness to your styling with their crease-free properties and tidy appearance.


To keep the fabric's radiance and the silhouette of these bottoms, special care while washing is required. When washing in a machine, use a light detergent that is free of harsh fragrances, chlorine, and fabric softening enzymes. These bottoms are easily washable and can be used for a variety of formal occasions.

Finest Stitching

These attractive formal bottoms are impeccably sewn and meet worldwide comfort and ease standards. The tapered length and fabric allow you to be fashionable while also allowing you to receive positive feedback. These trousers are for modern men who want to elevate their wardrobe beyond the basics.

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