White Textured Formal Shirt

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PKR 1,640.00
  • Colour:Milky White
  • Fit:Standard
  • Style:Formal wear, fused collar, adjustable two-buttoned angled cuffs and sleeves placket with buttons
  • Material:100% Cotton
  • Pattern: Textured
  • Quality: Breathable and lightweight


The Luxurious Shirt of the Season for ALL Events

A Finest Design

The crisp white self-textured, buttoned-down design and standard fit style give you a perfect executive look along with immense confidence at public events, business meetings, get together, or any other occasion you are going to carry our shirt. Create a contemporary, sleek silhouette by wearing Posh Nosh Formal Shirt and pair up with pastel beige, grey, slate grey, or khakis.

Textured Fabric

The highest quality breathable textured woven cotton is made with the greatest cotton fabric to ensure the durability of the shirt and the latest dying techniques utilized on the shirt that resist colour fading/staining. With a textured fabric and neat looks, this shirt adds elegance to your styling.

Effortlessly Washable

This textured formal shirt of the season is easily washable and use again for a variety of events. With a little care, while washing, this shirt can provide a new look every time you wear it. Whatever your body type is, we carry everything you need to look good.

Avital Shirt

A formal shirt is a countless investment if you want to slay everywhere you go. The finest stitching is smooth throughout the shirt that enhances the overall look of the shirt. The colour and design add grandeur to your styling and enhances your confidence immensely.

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