Classy and Trendy

Bringing a sensational blend of class for creating lasting fashion trends

About Posh Notch

Posh Notch by Saqib Azhar is inspired by the creation of class and elegance. We’re bringing an amalgamation of exquisiteness with an appeal that lasts generations. From offering a wide range of clothing to fostering new channels, we’re taking fashion to the next level of class with trend.

Our Story

In the last few years, Saqib Azhar fascinated by the gaps in apparel and online shopping destinations. His creative concept was beyond the mainstream eastern and western clothing to make a style statement with class, culture, and contemporary fashion. Posh Notch isn’t just a brand but an effort to make you extraordinary stylish in affordable prices. Our broad spectrum of colours, designs, and styles are satisfying the needs of modern men and women.

Our Approach

We believe in adopting the latest techniques and tools to ensure our products lead the market and are in the center of our customers’ hearts. Our craftsmen bring a portfolio of ingenuity and brilliance mixed with passion for perfection that brings an enigma of satisfaction for our customers.

About Saqib Azhar

Serial entrepreneur and CEO Enablers, Saqib Azhar is one of the best examples of a professional with generosity. Leading the way towards the development of E-Commerce in the country, he’s paving the away in the business world. Inspiring entrepreneurial growth in common men for business, Saqib Azhar is a role model for those that know nothing about quitting.
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