Free Shipping on orders above Rs 2500/-

Please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions FAQs for help:

How much can I order through Cash on Delivery?
You can order up to PKR 25000 on cash on delivery.
Are there any additional delivery charges?
Yes, we’re charging PKR 199 for delivering orders under PKR 2,500. Orders above this amount will be delivered for free across Pakistan.
Will I get my orders together if order multiple items on different dates?
If you haven’t received a confirmation message for your first order, then all of your orders will be processed together. A compiled bill will be sent to you for all the items. Our team will also notify you in case of any exemptions.
How much time will it take to deliver my order?
It takes 3-5 days for your order to be delivered. This exempts business and public holidays. Please refer to our shipping policy for more details.
My delivery is late, why?
Your delivery can get delayed due to items not being in stock or order processing issues. Please refer to our order cancellation policy in the returns/exchange section.
How can I track my order?
Upon confirmation of your order, you’ll receive the Order ID and tracking number. We use reputed courier services and you can visit our website for tracking your order.
Will the delivery be made again if I miss it once?
Our delivery man will make two attempts to deliver your parcel. Please ensure to add your in-use cellphone number along with a valid email and address. In case of missing your first delivery, you’ll be contacted again for the second delivery. Missing on the second delivery, we reserve the right to cancel the order.
How do I create my account on the website?
All you need to do is to visit Upon visiting, you need to select sign up. Enter valid details and your account will be created.
What if I forget my password?
You can choose forget my password option that will redirect you to make a new password. You’ll be sent a verification code on your registered email. Inputting the code will take you to reset your password page.
What if I want to edit my account details?
For editing your account details, please visit “my account” after logging in. There you can choose to edit your details. Make sure to enter valid details to avoid inconvenience later.
Do I need to update my information?
In case you’re changing your cellphone number or address, you need to update the information on your account. Since we use cookies to record information, it’s possible that our system still has your old information.
In what currency prices are displayed?
Currently, all prices are displayed in Pakistani Currency PKR.
Are your prices negotiable?
No. All prices displayed on the website are non-negotiable and final.
How will I know the prices of the items in my order?
Prices are mentioned under every product. Before products are added to your cart, you’ll be shown the prices for each product. Once you go to checkout, you’ll be displayed separate as well as the total price for all the items in your cart.
What if my order has issues?
Please refer to our return and exchange policy or call +92-304-8919-388 Our representative will reach out to you for solving your issue promptly.
Is my data being collected?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
Is my data safe?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
What data do you collect?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
Should I enter my information on your website?
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
What if your website has issues?
Kindly take a screenshot and reach out to our support team. We’ll ensure to take notice and remove bugs promptly.
What should I do if there’s a technical issue with the site?
In case of any issue with our website, we’d suggest bearing with us until the problem is fixed.
Is there any alternative way of ordering in case there’s an issue with the website?
Unfortunately, no. We encourage you to order via our website. Our teams will promptly get to any error. In case of technical issues, please refrain from ordering using third-party ways.
Does your website open on different browsers?
Yes, it does. You can open our website on all modern browsers including Chrome, Bing, Safari, Firefox, etc.
How can I receive the latest promo updates?
You can sign up for our newsletter for getting the latest updates and promo offers.
Can I cancel my order after confirmation?
Unfortunately, this option isn’t available. Once the order is confirmed, you cannot cancel the order.
What if the product I'm ordering is out of stock while I'm ordering it?
You won’t get confirmation if the item is out of stock. Such items will be marked out of stock on the website as well.

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