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Fashion Forward Formal Shirts Styling Guide for Men

Fashion Forward Formal Shirts Styling Guide for Men

‘Dress how you want to be addressed.’
— Anonymous-

The most elegant clothes in the men’s fashion industry is formal wear. This clothing style not only reshapes your personality but gives you flawless attraction at work, business meetings, weddings, Christmas, parties, funerals—even on a date.

Formal Wear lets you:

  • Feel energetic and pumped whenever you step into any event
  • Leave the first impression that lasts forever.

In the saturated fashion industry, men’s formal dress code holds clear standards. It consists of an uber-fancy tuxedo, morning suit, three-piece suits and bowtie or necktie. However, a shirt can be styled in various ways to change the game in your favour or against you. It depends on how well you utilize it.

So, if you are looking for the most updated style guide for your formal shirts, then you are reading the correct piece of writing.

1. Formal White Shirt

'You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it,'
—Edith Head-

A white formal shirt is a must-have for your wardrobe. This go-to shirt would make ways to be a part of your dressing every third day. White is a colour symbol of elegance and peace and promises to get immense attraction. This indispensable colour is ideal for black-tie events to weekend meetups. The most amazing quality of this colour is that there is no right or wrong combination with white.

In Formal Settings

  • If you love monochrome, then pull out a formal white shirt and formal black pants to steal the show. Pair up with the black stripe necktie and black loafers.
  • If you are tired of monochrome, then wear a white formal textured shirt and replace your bottoms with Hyden grey and a solid black floral necktie. Complete the look by wearing brown oxford or black derby. You will definitely become a crush for the season.
  • If you are the one who loves new experiments, then try blue, beige, or grey pants with a white plain or a textured shirt with a floral or plain solid tie. Finish the look by wearing black or grey monks or oxfords.

Note:For a better and more formal look, you can wear a suit vest of black, grey, blue, beige, brown, or maroon colours of any style.

In Formal Business Settings

  • To show confidence, elegance and suavity in daytime business meetings/events, grab a crisp fused collared white shirt comes in standard fit shirt. Add on accessories by wearing a necktie in dark blue, maroon, grey, with charcoal, olive green or navy waistcoat. However, if you want to show up in an evening event or formal dinner event, then wear a pin-striped tailored jacket with it.
  • A grey suit with a white shirt also provides a timeless and cohesive look. You can complete the styling by wearing black or brown loafers and a black-white floral necktie.

2. Formal Grey Shirt

To get a modern-day flamboyant vibe and vintage charm, dress up in a charcoal grey shirt. A grey suit is a must-have in your wardrobe, similarly, a grey is a colour in shirts for your formal wardrobe. Though grey seems to be left behind, but it is considered a perfect swap for a white shirt.

  • Be easy and make fewer efforts by wearing a pair of denim. Better if you choose well-fitted jeans with a brown belt. Avoid jeans that have too many rips, and get a finishing look with white or black sneakers, casual loafers or moccasins.

In Formal Settings

  • To get a perfectly charming look, wear a charcoal grey shirt with Hyden grey formal suit. Wear a black-grey necktie or black dotted tie, black belt along with black or brown brogues. You can add on gallace and a silver tie pin to achieve utmost formality.
  • To get a cool yet sophisticated appearance by wearing beige formal pants with a charcoal grey shirt. Give a finishing look with the brown belt, and blue dotted necktie along with brown or black.

In Formal Business Settings

  • To appear in a corporate meeting, get a black blazer and black formal pants with a charcoal grey shirt. The black or brown loafers and black, maroon, or green necktie will enhance your confidence and leave a lasting impression on bosses or clients.
  • The aced combination of the grey shirts is with the white formal pants and white formal tie. Complete the look with black formal shoes, a black belt and a silver tie pin.
  • Charcoal grey shirt looks incredible when paired with a black or grey suit vest along with a black tie and indigo or olive green pants. Complete the look by wearing black oxford or loafers.

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